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Mulch Mat Also Called As Coco Tree Rings Can Absorb And Retain Water Up To 5 Times Its Own Weight

There Is A Handy Slit In The Disc To Make The Disc Lay Nice And Easy. You Can Enlarge The Central Hole Easily If Your Plant Needs A Bit More Space

The Advantages Of Mulch Mat: Decreases Evaporation Of Water From Pot. Holds Moisture, Keeping The Potting Mix Moist. Covers The Top Layer Of Potting Mix, Giving The Pot A Cleaner Look. It Can Be Cut Into Smaller Size For Smaller Pots

Coir Tree Rings Is Used For Suppressing Weeds And Also Helps In Maintaining Soil Humidity

It Is A Herbicide By Itself And a Source Of Manual Weeding. Being Bio-Degradable It Decomposes Over Time To Form Humus And Further Helps In The Plant Growth